Recognizing Our Young Leaders


On Monday, the Grade 5 students participated in a special Leadership Assembly. Ms. Richards and Mrs. Cook spoke about Leadership at the Junior School and the fact that all students are encouraged to be leaders. Each student made a speech in front of their parents, their peers and their teachers about what leadership meant to them. The Grade 5 students did an outstanding job of presenting their ideas to this community. Following the speeches each student was presented with a leadership pin that they are now wearing proudly on their blazers. Parents and children joined together for a refreshment time following the ceremony to celebrate the success of these young leaders.

What Leadership Means to Me
by Angelina, Grade 5
Anyone can be a leader, if they can listen to others’ ideas as well as share their own, and are able to bring the ideas together. A leader is optimistic, like Terry Fox, who was always able to see the good side of things even though he was plagued by cancer. Leaders must be committed to excellence and able to make the right decisions. A leader doesn’t need to fit in, like Steve Jobs. They are enthusiastic but need to have some humility, otherwise no one will follow because they feel the leader is above them. A leader needs to be confident and pursue their vision to change the world. I am excited to practice my skills as a leader by being an ambassador at the Open House.

Quotes on Leadership
“A leader is someone who doesn’t just care about one someone, but everyone.” – Benjamin
“Leadership means that you don’t give up until you have succeeded.” – Mary
“Being a good leader is being a good role model, feeling comfortable with who you are and helping others.” – Graeme
“A leader is someone who is always responsible and trustworthy.” – Ava
“Leaders try to understand what people feel like and include everyone’s ideas. Good leaders are respectful, hopeful and generous.” – Peter
“Leaders do what’s right, not what is easy.” – Elizabeth
“Leadership means taking charge when things go wrong. A good leader always helps others achieve their goals.” – Joshua


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