Re-examining Creativity: Everything is a Remix

Video by Darin Steinkey

Kirby Ferguson, our opening Scholar in Residence this school year was first suggested by art teacher Chris Bateman as a presenter for the many artists at SMUS, but it soon became clear that the message behind Everything is a Remix, a myth-busting examination of the true nature of creativity and ideas, was applicable across the school. Ferguson spoke to the entire Senior School last week, expanding on his video series (which is available online) and answering questions about what it means to be creative and whether there is such a thing as an original idea. He also conducted a workshop with interested students, many of them artists and musicians, about what it means to create something new.

A filmmaker and writer, Kirby has spoken at the TED conference as well as shared his talk with companies like Google. He is currently on the road in Australia with Everything is a Remix.


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