Making Time for Books


I believe the Drop Everything And Read program, or DEAR, at the St. Michaels Middle School is very enjoyable and gives me the chance to read which frees up time for me do other school work. I also find it to be a relaxing part of the school day.

DEAR is enjoyable because it allows me to read a good story in class rather than going straight into classwork. In English class, we must have certain books read by certain dates. Sometimes when I have many sports after school and quite a bit of homework to do when I get home I do not have time to read afterwards. If not for DEAR I wouldn’t have the extra time to do school work and finish the books for English. Even though DEAR is only 15 minutes, it is still a relaxing break from the school work we do in class.

“DEAR is enjoyable, relaxing and frees up extra time to do other school work.”

When DEAR starts at the school, the entire building goes quiet and the silence is nice because it is a break from the noises of people working and talking of the school day.

DEAR is enjoyable, relaxing and frees up extra time to do other school work. DEAR also improves students’ reading skills because the more you read, the better you get at reading. I think it is a very important part of the curriculum.

by Melinda Maclean, DEAR organizer

For one cycle the students in Middle School have participated in Drop Everything And Read. This has been in conjunction with the nationwide Raise a Reader week. The students have enjoyed this quiet time in our busy schedule, as have their teachers. When do we have time to read? This is an integral part of life at SMUS and designating time has led to many students “getting into” a good book. The notice board in the library displays the number of books that have been read by both students and staff. Indeed, this has been so popular that we will use some of our Vivat periods to continue DEAR time.

Watch out for other reading initiatives later in the year!


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