Swimming, Slugs, Flashmobs and Fire: Boarding Hits the Town


This past weekend a full docket of activities topped the schedule in boarding. With trips to Commonwealth Pool for a swim, Fired Up! Ceramics to create pottery, Mt. Douglas Park for a hike, Uptown shopping centre for a performing arts festival, and the One Wave festival of music and live art, our boarders were out and about enjoying the weather and connecting with the community. Below, Mathew Geddes reports from Uptown, the behemoth new shopping centre downtown.

On the Upside of Town

The new Uptown complex boasts many familiar chain retailers from across North America. What makes it special is the way in which the designers have created a living courtyard at its heart. This enclosure of green space, water fountains, trees, rolling grassy knolls, gazebos and benches, roasts in the afternoon sun and provides a protected sanctuary amid the hustle and bustle of shoppers. SMUS boarders experienced this first hand on a glorious first day of Autumn, at a birthday party hosted by the Canadian College of Performing Artists. These students sang, danced, acted, did combat fighting skits, performed as clowns, did ballet, and overall put on a festive and carnival style afternoon of creativity for the public. The highlight was a choreographed flash mob which spontaneously erupted overtaking the courtyard with performers dancing to a medley of songs that fittingly included “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel.


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