Volunteering at a Senior Care Home – Mt. Tolmie Hospital


The Aberdeen Hospital and The Mt. Tolmie Hospital are looking for volunteers to be `Social Butterflies`, as well as other volunteer positions.

For the Social Butterflies, you would be encouraging a mutually caring relationship between yourself and a senior resident involving social and mental stimulation with cards, stories, reading and reminiscing. They are looking for people who are available once or twice a week for approximately 30 minutes per resident.

They are also looking for volunteers to play music for special events or just as background music for social time or for meals, helping the residents with computers and for special events like tea parties and Christmas Craft Sales. Both of these hospitals are close to SMUS.

Contact Information: For more information about this opportunity or if you are interested in volunteering please contact Bryony Moorman at 250-370-5645 or email her at bryony.moorman@viha.ca


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