What do Coldplay, Ghandi and Alexander Graham Bell all have in common?


They all attended University College London!

UCL visitor, Travis Edwards, popped by for a noon hour visit today.  While acknowledging that university rankings should be examined carefully, he was happy to report that University College London has moved ahead of Oxford in the recent QS World University Rankings and is now in 4th place worldwide.

UCL offers a large slate of courses of study and if you are considering studying there, you should peruse the website www.ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/   to view all of their offerings.  Travis mentioned that many North American students consider studying Laws at UCL because they can finish their degree in 3 years and a Master’s degree within 4 years.  Columbia University and some German universities have partnerships with UCL for studying law.

Other notable items:

  • There are 25,000 students studying at UCL and 10,000 are international.  Canadians form the 14th largest group of internationals with 169 students enrolled in 2012.
  • There are two admission options to UCL – through general BC diploma entry – in which case, a student must attain at least 83% standing in each of the 5 subjects used for admission or through the AP route.  In the AP route, there are specific requirements for AP tests with results at the 4 or 5 level and SAT Reasoning with Writing tests (1800+) and 2 SAT Subject tests (600+).
  • UCL only accepts students to their medical program if they have completed an IB diploma or English A level exams.
  • NEW!  An Arts and Science course.  This course is similar in structure to a Canadian degree except that it will take only 3 years to complete.  Students declare both a major and a minor in their studies.  An internship is offered and a requirement for learning a modern language is mandatory.  When writing a personal statement for this program, students are encouraged to write for their major focus.  If they are being considered, UCL admissions will request a supplementary paragraph in which the student will be able to elaborate on his/her other area of interest.
  • Some scholarships are available and students are encouraged to check the UCL webpage for further details www.ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/scholarships


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