A Student’s Take on Scottish Schools


Last week, SMUS hosted three university events: our annual IvyPlus Presentation, an Australian Universities Presentation and a Scottish Universities Presentation. Below, one of the attendees of the Scottish universities event talks about the experience and the appeal of post-secondary studies in Scotland.

by Samantha Colby, Grade 11

Trying to present nine universities within an hour can be a difficult task, but on Monday night the Scottish universities were right on target with interesting and insightful presentations. Home to some of the oldest universities in the world, Scotland promises not only outstanding academic opportunities but adventure for students who choose to study abroad.

Being interested in Science, I have always been intrigued by the Scottish universities; their fast-tracked medical programs and astonishing location make it seem like a perfect fit. The university night was great because it educated me on things I couldn’t read about on their websites. They gave us an inside look at the atmosphere and student life on campus through pictures, statistics and personal experiences.

Along with these facts they informed us about technical things like how to apply to Scottish universities, costs, and what exactly they look for in personal statements. All in all, the Scottish university night was a great success. I would highly recommend this event to any student who is considering applying to a Scottish university and even students who aren’t sure where they want to go.


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