Welcome to Our New Website


As many of you may have noticed, our website has been given a makeover during the summer. We’re very happy with the result and want to help you find your way around and also see some of the innovations.

A great homepage for SMUS members is the SMUS Community page (pictured above), which displays news, photos, events and video from all three schools. It also contains a lot of general information and quick links to internal resources like webmail, moodle, etc. Below are some tips for each of our community members. You can also scroll through the images above to see some of the pages we think are worth checking out.

If you want to stay on top of what’s happening at a particular school, you can visit our custom community pages for Junior, Middle and Senior School parents. These pages only show events and photos related to the particular school. All the community pages contain links to key resources for you, and popular resources – such as the Parent Portal and Parent Moodle – are also accessible through the Intranet menu (top-right corner of the website).

Students can access their SMUS webmail, Student Moodle and Naviance Succeed just by clicking on the links displayed when they roll over the Intranet link. The SMUS Community and Join In pages provide links to our Facebook and Twitter pages, and feature feeds from Twitter, our YouTube account (SMUSTube), events from the online calendar and the latest photos and publications. From the community pages, students can also reach the Brown Hall menu via the Dining page or visit the Photo Gallery to find photos from around the school. Students can also use the Junior/Middle/Senior parents links to focus on what’s happening at their school.

Staff will be happy to have access to the Intranet menu, which appears on the top-right corner of all pages and puts them within one click to the staff intranet, Moodle, webmail and the SDS database. Intranet links are also available on the community page and staff can access publications and find out what timetable day we’re on through the calendar feed.

We hope you enjoy some of our new features, and, as always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.


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