Students Get a Taste of Nature at Camp Pringle


The Grade 4 and 5 students challenged themselves in a number of outdoor activities this week at Camp Pringle on Shawnigan Lake. Under beautiful sunny skies students practiced their team work skills on the Low Ropes Course and challenged themselves to hit the target at the Archery Range. Students learned new skills and gained greater respect for themselves and their peers.

Camp Pringle

by Devon, Grade 4
My favorite activity to do was archery because it was my first time doing it and I think it is a fun way to hunt not that I would ever hunt. There was a lot of team work like in orienteering because you had to work together to find the thing you need. There was also a lot of team work in low ropes because when you are on the ropes you need to trust the people down below that are spotting because if you fall they will need to catch you when you fall. It was a really good experience. We also played a lot of fun games in between the main activities.

by Jenna, Grade 5
When we got off the bus at Camp Pringle, the air was cold and we could see the lake shimmering in the distance. Being at Camp Pringle reminded me of memories from Grade 4 that I hoped I would do again. First we gathered in the shade and broke into groups. We did many activities but my favorite was archery. The archery range was amazing. There were colorful targets on hay bales and Styrofoam animals spread out around the area. After Roy explained how the bow and arrow worked I was lost in the details. The first three arrows only went about 5–7 feet and landed on the dusty dirt ground. I shot many times and hit the Styrofoam cougar twice. It was the end of the hour and it was time to move on to our next activity. They were all very fun but at the end of the day we needed to say thank you and board the bus. I had so much fun learning archery and playing games with my friends. I will always remember Camp Pringle.

by Will, Grade 5
One of my treasured games was a game called buddy tag. In order to play you must get a buddy and link your arms together. You and your buddy tag other people on the arm and if you and your buddy both tag the people then they are out. I also really enjoyed archery. I learned a trick to shoot the arrows. When you hold the bow you point your finger at the target and, in my eyes, you never miss. I had the most splendid time of my life at Camp Pringle.


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