Clubs and Councils On Display


This week, students and faculty filled the Senior School quad for the Council Fair, showcasing some of the extracurricular options available to Senior School students. With so many options available, the fair offers a unique opportunity for students to talk to peers already involved, meet the Heads, and talk to the faculty adviser of the groups that interest them the most.

The Outdoor Council displayed some of the SMUS equipment to attract new students, positioning a kayak (complete with kayaker) in the middle of the quad and displaying a surfboard and wetsuit, appropriate decorations since the council organizes surfing and kayaking opportunities for students. The International Council, Academic Council and Athletic Council also had eye-catching displays, as did the Pride Alliance, whose rainbow colors are hard to miss. While not technically a club, a couple of the international trips running this year – to places like the Dominican Republic, Argentina and Mexico – were represented as well.

Though the fair is mainly for Grade 9 newcomers and other students new to SMUS, anyone can get involved with a club or council. The turnout for the fair this year was strong, a good sign that the campus will be busy with events and other opportunities throughout the year.

To see some of the options available, see our Leadership Through Activities Guide online.


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