Boarding Welcomes the World


Imagine, if you will, what it’s like to arrive on our campus as a student during Orientation Week. You meet about a 1000 people (including your roommate from Thailand, Brazil, China, Germany or some country you may not have even heard of), smile ’til your face hurts, participate in any number of strange ice-breaker games (how about strapping some boards to your feet and attempting to walk with three other people…) and settle into the “routine” that is boarding life at SMUS.

For the last ten days, new and returning boarders have crossed the globe to land on little Vancouver Island and move-in to our school. In the coming weeks, they will contribute to, share and experience life in a way foreign to many. There is a very interesting mixture of expectation, trepidation and a spirit that is only found in a kid who will travel many miles to challenge themselves and redefine who they are.

As a house parent in my eighth year at SMUS, I am so impressed with the sense of adventure and joy these students have brought to our boarding houses and the photo gallery this week does some justice to the positive, welcoming vibe that permeates the campus. Over the year, we will bring you stories from across campus that encapsulate what it is like to be a SMUS boarder and attempt to convey some of that adventure to you.


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