Athletics Review: SMUS Athletes Take a Leap of Faith


Rowing tryouts

The start of the new school year saw over 80 student athletes come to the two days of tryouts. All interested athletes completed two types of ergometer tests, medicine ball throw, anthropometric measurements and a four kilometre run.

Brilliant sunshine and warmer temperatures lifted spirits on Saturday when all of the interested athletes completed the mandatory swim test off the docks at the Gorge Rowing and Paddling Centre. The water was clear and refreshing — a little too refreshing for our teammates from further south!

The SMUS rowing coaches were impressed by the enthusiasm and quality of the turnout. A huge thank you to all of you. Monday was our first official training session of the short eight-week session. More fun awaits as we head to the water for the first time this week. The weather is looking perfect for an adventure on the Gorge Waterway!

2012 SMUS Volleyball Cuba Tour

This past summer, 10 athletes along with two coaches set off to Cuba. Seven days in Havana provided many opportunities for new friendships, memorable moments and cultural endeavours.

Our main purpose for the trip was to train with the Cuban athletes and learn not only from the exceptional coaching but the skilled athletes. Our week included six training sessions that all lasted at least three hours in the 35-40 degree heat. The facility in which we trained was built for the Pan-American games many years ago and was one of the nicest gyms in all of Havana, yet the venue itself did not even begin to compare to those in which we train in here. With open air, sun, wind and even rain to compete with, the gymnasium was a step back in time but the volleyball was a glimpse into the future.

One of the best memories that we left with was bonding with the Cuban girls regardless of the language barrier. A reoccurring statement that the Cuban coach, Robert, instilled in us was “Canada Cuba amigos para siempre,” which translated means “Canada and Cuba friends forever”. Overall, it was an amazing opportunity to not only improve our volleyball skills but also experience a unique culture.


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