Middle School Caught Up in WEB


by Anna C, Grade 6
On September 5th, all the Grade 6 students gathered in the single gym to prepare for a whole morning set aside to get to know one another and the school. WEB stands for Where Everyone Belongs and the Grade 8 leaders, Mrs. Mollenhauer and Mrs. Lee were working to make the Middle School the Grade 6 students’ place to belong.

We started in the gym with games that helped explain about choices you sometimes have to make in the Middle School. Then all of us Grade 6 students went off in groups along with two Grade 8 WEB leaders, to get to know each other by answering questions like “If Aliens are taking your house to do some experiments on it, but they were leaving you and your family on Earth, what three things would you take with you?” Then, with our groups we went to the Middle School and played games to learn other people’s names and we learnt helpful strategies that would help us in Middle School.

At the end of our time together with the WEB leaders, we went on a tour of the Middle School and met new teachers.

“I chose to become a WEB leader because I remember how I felt coming to the Middle School.”

The WEB leaders were a big help to all of us and they sacrificed their time to help us have an easy transition between schools. Thank you Grade 8 WEB leaders!

by Madison L, Grade 8 WEB Leader

WEB is an acronym for Where Everyone Belongs. It’s a great way for the Grade 6 students to meet new people. The Grade 8 WEB leaders also benefit as they act as leaders who help the new Grade 6 students become familiar with the different routines in the middle school.

I really enjoy being a WEB leader because I have the opportunity to share, with the Grade 6 students, special tips about the Middle School. I chose to become a WEB leader because I remember how I felt coming to the Middle School. I was concerned about lockers and the constant change of classes. Fortunately, my WEB leaders helped me feel more comfortable in my new environment by offering me assistance and sharing their ideas on how to be successful in the middle school. Hopefully, as a WEB leader, I am carrying on the tradition of providing helpful information to the incoming Grade 6 students.

The first day of school was amazing! All the Grade 8 WEB leaders had lots of fun with their WEB groups. Through many creative and exciting activities, each WEB leader has made a connection with his/her grade-six group members. Being a part of WEB is, indeed, a great leadership opportunity.


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