Summer Holidays


Here we are at the end of June, and people are thinking of taking trips south to experience some warmth. June is often an uncertain month for weather in Victoria, but this year the weather has been cool enough to justify the nickname of “Junuary” for the month. As I write this, a drizzle is descending, definitely more suited to a dull January day than June.

But nothing can really take away the glow of impending summer holidays. The last exam was written this morning. Tonight is the Graduation Dinner Dance, when all the students and parents will be decked out in their finery. It is a poignant moment; try as we might to see them all as SMUS students still, they are lifting their wings, looming toward their next destination.

Last week, Graeme Crothall, the major donor of the Crothall Centre, was on campus. He too was aglow with the impressiveness of the campus, the quiet quad (students were in writing exams), and the freshly mown fields. He is aware of the promise of these grads of SMUS, the opportunities they have had, and the opportunities to come. Summer is the perfect time for these reflections, a bit of repose between past and future.


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