Junior School: Inspiration and Virtues


The Junior School Closing Ceremonies is always a special occasion. For the Grade 5 students, it marks their transition into the Middle School; for kindergarten students, it commemorates the end of their first year of school. As our Head of School addressed the crowd, he mentioned how much he enjoys his time at the Junior School and how much he feels it is a special place. Director of Junior School Nancy Richards congratulated the Grade 5 students on their success and shared the virtue each student reflected. Her speech also focused on inspiration, and she included a range of quotes from students on what most inspired them.

What is inspiration?
• Isabella: “Inspiration is like a force that is a colorful creation that helps you do things you never imagined you could do and motivates you to take a stand for what you believe.”
• Radha: “You are inspired when you are able to think about something in a new way.”
• Emma C: “Inspiration is like a paintbrush which sweeps over your mind like an eagle.”
• Sofia: “Inspiration not only sparks your imagination and ignites your knowledge but directs your life path and your future.”

What Inspires Students in their Learning?
Rosie: “I was so inspired to be able to show my dad the amygdale and the hippocampus on the sheep’s brain.”
Jennifer: “Although drawing the brain was quite inspirational, touching the sheep’s brain was not.”

Grade 1
Josephine: “I was inspired by the bat movie we made all by ourselves with an iPad.”

Grade 2
Markus: “The architecture project inspired me to look at buildings in a whole other way. Now I look at things for detail.”

Grade 3
Claire: “I was inspired by the way that Mr. Hawes was able to take our minds deep into all of our projects – whether it was about Canada, pioneers, plants or structures.”

Grade 4
Ben F: “I was inspired by the the quiet time for writing. This helped me get lost in my imagination and before I knew it, I had written a poem.”

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