Grads of 2012 Celebrate and Reflect


For the Grade 11 and 12 students, the end of the school year has a special significance. For Grade 11 students, it marks their transition into their final year at SMUS, a time when they will be Heads of Councils, team captains, prefects and leaders in the school community. It will also, for many, be the year they decide which university to attend and which field of study to enter.

For the Grade 12 students, the closing ceremony is a celebration of their time at the school and a farewell: not only to SMUS, but also to many of their friends and their parents. Of our 152 graduates, 70 are boarders, who will be returning to their homes around the world. Our day student population says farewell to many of their international classmates in June, and even more in September as the new school year begins and they also jet off to universities equally spread out over the globe.

As each graduate had their moment on the stage, we heard about the experiences that shaped their time at SMUS, whether it was one year or 13, and their hopes and plans for the future. Awards were presented to students who excelled in athletics, the arts, academics and even the embodiment of the virtues our community values.

Together, the class of 2012 represents the very best our school has to offer. Though we are sorry to see them go, we are excited for the achievements that lay ahead and look forward to seeing them return.

Below, valedictorians Mitch Cram and Anna Queen present their perspectives on departing SMUS. For complete photos from the closing ceremonies, please visit our photo gallery.



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