AP Students Perfect Their Chemistry


Phenomenal flashes of light, crazy colour changes and shrilling sounds were abundant at the school’s first “Chem Night.” Like a halogen, the Crothall lecture theatre was home to a full shell of spectators, who were certainly in their excited state in anticipation of the mind-blowing experiments that the AP Chemistry students showcased.

With the AP exam already completed in early May, students had plenty of time to rehearse their skits and theories for their experiments. The results were astounding and included metre high firework displays, columns of foamy “elephant toothpaste” and barrels of colourful flames.

Hard work culminated into a well-organized evening that chemists and non-chemists alike appreciated. Earlier in the day, a select group of AP students ventured to the middle school and performed their demos to keen, future AP Chem students. The students matched their professional performances with a professional look: matching, newly ordered lab coats.

“Chem night” was divided into two segments, separated by a brief intermission where chemistry related snacks were served. Maddy Laslett (Grade 11), a true chem “keener” even baked a periodic cake of the elements, which was considered a fun way to preserve the positive potential energy of the evening.

The suspense behind each demo and the demos themselves reached an impressive equilibrium. For those who thought chemistry was for the weak-hearted, we proved them wrong. Some experiments could not be contained indoors, others required ventilated hoods and many made use of strong 18 M solutions of acid.

With the help and guidance of Mr. Young and Mrs. Jackson, “Chem night” was a total success and a true celebration of Chemistry. We could not think of a better way to finish our AP Chemistry year.

28 (AP Students) + 18 mol H2SO4 + KClO3 (caution!) = 2012 Chem Night

Decked out in customized lab coats, latex gloves and safety glasses, the AP Class of 2012 mixed together unstable compounds, explosive chemicals and beaker loads of entertainment to create the highly successful, first ever SMUS Chem Night!

Young and old packed the Copeland Theatre last Wednesday night to witness chemical reactions that featured technicolour flames, spontaneous combustions and, of course, deafening explosions. Mr. Young proposed the concept for Chem Night to showcase the talents of his graduating AP class and share the wonders of highly combustible and predictable (well, sometimes…) chemicals.

The audience was treated to knock-out performances including the making of elephant toothpaste, gunpowder fireworks, rocket-launching volcanoes, disappearing beakers and chemical cannons. The chemistry celebration was topped off with a textbook-perfect periodic table cake and a fun assortment of chemistry door prizes.

Chem Night was hailed as an overwhelming success and an explosive finale to an amazing two years of advanced chemistry. The 2012 AP Chem Class would like to thank Mr. Young for all his hard work and dedication, and Mrs. Jackson for all her behind-the-scenes work!

Check out our Facebook page for a video playlist of the experiments as filmed by the students themselves!


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