Handmade Fashions Hit the Runway


The Project Runway exploratory was the best exploratory that I have ever done! We had so much fun learning how to make skirts and how to follow patterns. We had the best sewing instructors at our school. Their names are Ms. Isberg (the librarian at the Middle School,) and Jane Smith (who runs Campus Shop). We also had fun making paper dresses and paper shoes for our fashion show. At the year-end Fashion Show, we teamed up with the jewellery-making exploratory to show off our work together. Everyone had fun watching the girls model their skirts and paper dresses. At the end of the show, everyone loved the paper shoes that we had cleverly come up with, so they decided that they wanted to make them too. Before the end of the day, the girls handed Jane a card, flowers, and a gift as a thank you for her for teaching us how to make the skirts. I hope we will get to do this exploratory again.

Ms. Isberg thanks Deanne Catto, Harumi Hart, Bob Newman, Lisa Hyde-lay, David Gauther and Jane Smith for all their help!


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