Concert Bands Mix It Up for Spring


Last week, the SMUS bands celebrated spring with their annual band concert in the Farquhar Auditorium at the University of Victoria.

From Handel to Hogan’s Heroes and Hawaii Five-O to Ed Huckeby, the Middle and Senior School concert bands kicked out memorable tunes to an appreciative audience of parents, relatives and friends.

Like any good party, this one really came alive in the kitchen. Daniel Lapp took the stage accompanied by up to 250 band students to lead a medley on which he and John Reid collaborated. “The West Coast Kitchen Party Medley”contains hints of cool jazz, bluegrass and Celtic influences and, of course, Daniel Lapp’s irrepressible energy.

Congratulations to Ian Farish, John Reid, Daniel Lapp and all the concert bands on a job well-done.

Video by George Floyd and Darin Steinkey


  1. The West Coast Kitchen Party Medley is awesome. I have been listening to it at work the last few days. Kudos to Mr. Reid, and of course, Daniel Lapp is exceptional.


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