Around the World in 80 Minutes


by Jasper Johnston, Grade 8 student

Last Thursday, all Grade 6 students took part in an evening event showcasing their work this year. “Around the World in 80 Minutes” was a fun-filled night, where students in small groups presented information on different countries which they had studied. At 7:00 pm, parents and teachers showed up ready to take a trip around the world. They were not disappointed because shortly after arriving, they were whisked away to faraway lands, where they could sample cultural traditions and food.

My two favourite exhibits were India and Ireland because they all seemed to know what they were talking about and had lots of facts to support their display. I learned many things, but one particular fact that was interesting was that Egypt’s national dish is called kashari. I tried several new foods that I thought I would never eat, such as dahl, kashari, spring rolls and “sand cookies.” All the food was excellently prepared and nicely presented.

It took me back to my Grade 6 days when I studied Russia. My group and I used lots of facts from books and the internet. As a final writing assignment, we had to create an alternate ending to the story we read that related to our culture. Our book was called Days of Terror.

The entire night lasted 80 minutes, allowing for ample time to visit all the exhibits. From Guatemala to Vietnam, all the students did a fantastic job!


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