Students Prepared for Opera Opening


by Duncan Frater, Director

On May 28 and 29, the Grade 5 students will take the stage at the Royal Theatre to perform an abbreviated version of Rossini’s Cenerentola (Cinderella). Accompanied by a live orchestra of 15 musicians, and with ten teachers and coaches cheering them on from backstage, the boys and girls tackle many of Cenerentola’s most memorable arias while replacing the recitatives with dialogue. The results are not only hilarious and shocking, but incredibly charming.

Everyone is welcome – and encouraged – to attend these performances and to enjoy the hard work of a very talented group of Junior School students. Tickets are available now online.

Student Thoughts

“In our opera, Cinderella, I am learning new songs and how to act properly on stage. I feel great about the opera and I cannot wait to be able to perform it. Although my mustache is painful and falls off a lot, I still enjoy singing with people and doing harmony. I am a bit nervous to go on the Royal Theatre stage in front of an audience. I can’t wait to perform!” – Matthew

Cinderella is an amazing experience for all of the Grade 5 students! I got scared at the beginning but then once we started rehearsals it was a lot of fun singing with friends. I am really excited for the big day of the opera and also worried as well. I feel like a real opera singer! I think everyone’s happy that Mr. Frater, our choir teacher, made it funny!” – Sofia

“It is really fun doing the opera and I think it’s going to be fantastic. I love hearing the funny jokes and looking at the cool and funny costumes. It is a lot of work but it will pay off. For me, it hurts a lot after the rehearsals because I have to take off my fake sideburns. It is really hot under my guard costume and I have to wear it the whole time. My favourite part is the singing. I like singing!” – Angelo


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