Choirs Present Movie Songs and Latin Classics


by Erin Anderson, editor

Last Tuesday, young voices filled the already crowded Christ Church Cathedral, as students from Grade 4-8 performed a range of choral songs. Duncan Frater, their teacher and conductor, explained that a few of the more unusual song choices (such as “The Rose” and “Take My Breath Away”) were actual favorites of the students. The Grade 5 singers performed a piece from their upcoming opera as well as the haunting “All the Pretty Little Horses.”

The Grade 6 choir varied their set between Bette Midler and Sarah Brightman and also performed one piece from the back of the Christ Church Cathedral, an unusual set-up that showcased the acoustics of the historic building (and kept the audience entertained while students took the stage).

The Grade 7 choir did a nice rendition of the familiar tune “Danny Boy,” though Mr. Frater pointed out that an unusual lack of altered voices meant that three boys had to carry the baritone section, when he would usually have 10. A medley tribute to the band Queen was perhaps the liveliest number from the night, and the Grade 8 students handled its fast pace perfectly. The students followed up that piece with “Vidit Jesum in Tormentis,” which you can watch on SMUSTube.

The culmination of the concert saw the entire Middle School present “Locus Iste” to great effect. With a range of music, impressive vocalists and even a few good jokes from Mr. Frater, this short musical performance was a great way to spend a summer evening.

Photos are available in the photo gallery.


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