Green Tongues?


Are you looking for an opportunity to use your skills for a great new community medicine garden project? If so, the Green Tongues Collective needs you!

The Green Tongues Collective is a group of healers, gardeners and community organizers who are in the process of creating a dynamic community herbal medicine garden project called the People’s Apothecary. The communal herb garden is located on the field behind the Vancouver Island School of Art on Quadra.

As they head full on into the growing season they are looking for helping hands and creative minds to make this rad community project and lush and brilliant adventure!

They need volunteers for the following: 

Artist/Sign Maker: An herb garden needs good interpretive signs so that folks can get to know the healing plants, and also bring some art into the space. They are looking for someone with some soulful artistic flare to craft up/design some signs to put in the garden that lists the name of the plants, plus their medicinal qualities and parts used.  They will provide you with a list of the plants, some paint, wooden blocks, or some other dynamite  rustic sign making materials and let you run with it. If you have info on the healing qualities of these plants, than awesome. If not, they can pair you up with an herbalists and they can provide you with the info needed.

Mural Artist: They also have an opportunity to make a graffiti like mural on the site, so if you have mural making spray paint flare, let them know!  As the garden is on the site of the Vancouver Island School of Art, weaving art into the garden is something that they think is awesome and are open to different creative opportunities and suggestions/proposals to enliven the space in interesting and lovely ways.

People’s Apothecary Garden Sunday Work Parties: They will be hosting regular garden work every Sunday where they will be building our beds, planting new medicinal plants, weeding, watering, turning the compost, dealing with slugs and bugs, laying irrigation, and doing all the other things involved with tending to the garden. Sometimes we need folks to help go pick up yummy things for the garden, like mulch, plant donations, manure, and seaweed.

Garden Fairies/Gnomes: A garden needs more love than a  once a week Sunday work party. It needs to be checked on, watered, and interacted with. With folks coming in and out of town during the summer, it would be great to have an extra few hands to come by and check on the garden, give it a drink if its thirsty, some mulch if its looking dry, etc.

If this interests you, send them an email at  letting them know a bit about you and what you are interested in and they can set up a time to meet up. Or drop by the garden for our  Sunday work party (from 1-4pm) and meet them face to face!  And check them out online to find out more about the project and upcoming events:




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