Rowers Come Out of Their Shells


Pictures by Ann Fenje

by Lori Adam, Director of the Annual Fund

On Alumni Weekend, our SMUS rowers were able to join us for a wonderful event — the christening of four rowing shells. Thanks once again to the generosity of parents, staff and alumni, our remarkable rowing team has added four new shells. These will help them to compete and also enable the program to accommodate even more athletes. The christening was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the success of our rowers and to recognize Susanne Walker Curry for her dedicated time and effort as Head Coach.

David and Lisa Aylard, parents of Mickey Aylard ’11, popped the cork on a bottle of champagne to christen the Mickey Aylard in honour of Mickey’s achievements on the water. Board member Sandy Stedman and his wife Roxanne poured the bubbly to christen the Derek Stedman in honour of Derek Stedman ’08. The Spirit of 2009 recognizes the accomplishments of rowers Mickey Aylard, Maxim Ellison, Jessica Spoor, Maryann Watson, Caryn Dooner, Rachel Ellis, Lexi McColl, Sydney Stockus, Jonathan Cunningham, Brandon Ewonus, Liz Fenje and Chris Fenje. Bob and Joan Snowden christened the Suzy Hall, which recognizes former Coach and SMUS faculty member, Suzy Hall, for her inspiration, dedication and leadership in the rowing program. Head Coach Susanne Walker Curry spoke passionately about the contribution each and every one of our rowers has made to the success of our SMUS rowing program.

Lastly, the Liz Fenje was rechristened by her mother, Ann, and her brother, Chris, who is also a member of the rowing team. Liz, who graduated in 2009, is currently at Stanford on a full rowing scholarship, where she is ranked as the top lightweight. The Liz Fenje was rechristened to recognize the addition of the FISA logo, which celebrates Liz’s participation in the Under-23 World Championships representing Canada.

It was a truly wonderful afternoon, with the sun coming out to shine on our celebration.

A message from Suzy Hall:

It’s a pretty amazing feeling to be honoured in this way. The rowing programme was such a huge part of my life out West. I have such amazing memories — the dedicated coaches, the devoted and hard-working athletes, the evolution and growth of the programme itself. I feel really blessed to have been a part of it all. I owe so much to the Currys, as they really made me the coach that I that became. I miss it all.
Please pass on my thanks to the SMUS crew,
Much love and thanks,


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