Mount Allison University: $6 to anywhere


Sackville is a very small town nestled in rural New Brunswick, about thirty minutes from the Moncton airport. The town doubles in population when the university is in session and everything is within walking distance. In fact, there are no buses, but our student tour guide assured us that it was only a $6 cab ride to go anywhere. The town is not without entertainment though: CBC rates Sackville as among the top ten places in Canada to hear live music and Moncton has the shopping.

On campus, the brick and stone buildings span a couple of blocks and have a cohesive feel. There are a variety of university residence options both on campus and in the town. For example, you can choose to live in a university residence that is in town and partnered with the SPCA: all the students who live there commit to looking after the menagerie of animals (without any obligation to take them home to mum and dad at the end of the academic year). There is also a “sustainability house” which requires students to live green” as well as take part in the education of all things environmental on campus. A few interesting tidbits about on campus res life:

  • “Books on bed”: pre-order your textbooks in the summer and they will deliver them to your university dorm room for you
  • There is an academic mentor in every residence and it is a paid position for a current student. No, that person won’t do your history paper for you, but they will help you to find the academic support and resources you need to get through your programme
  • 60% of the rooms are double, but an early deposit and high scholarship make it much more likely that you won’t have to listen to your roommate’s music

Mount A boasts an impressive 70% of its students going on to some kind of graduate studies or further education. Students report close connections with their professors (the largest lecture space holds 200) and this undoubtedly helps with those master’s degree applications and research grants. Also, the 150 profs have their specializations but they also support students who want to pursue independent studies in a niche area. A full one third of the student population is employed by the university, many of them as teaching or research assistants. I had the sense that students received a lot of individual attention here and were very well supported.

If you want to hear more about Mount A, please ask any of the University Counsellors – we have all visited the campus!



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