Alumni and Students Connect Over Career Week


by Shayla Baumeler, Grade 10

This past week, the SMUS campus was flooded with returning alumni and community members. After weeks of planning and a few changes to the format of career week, the turnout was almost double that of last year. Each day at lunch, two seminars were held that covered topics ranging from “News and Communications” to “Medicine” to a seminar entitled “I Don’t Work in an Office.” Each session allowed students to gain insight into a certain career field from the expertise of three or four people who came back to tell their stories.

The emphasis throughout the week seemed to be on unique career paths, highlighting that life often doesn’t simply take you from point A to point B but rather on a detour. A common thread through all the speakers was that this “detour” is valuable no matter what the experience may be. Although we may change careers multiple times, and feel as though our application of psychology to the media is relatively useless, we must recognize the knowledge we learned about ourselves and the world in the process.

The week concluded with a fascinating chapel presentation featuring David Longridge ’88 who currently works as Sales Manager for Boeing Aircraft. He explained his life journey and various types of work he had done — including noise testing in aircrafts — and his current position. Everyone attended the chapel presentation, but the rest of the sessions were open for us to choose, so you could go and hear from musicians, paramedics, lawyers, small business owners or whoever else interested you.

The final event of career week was a networking session after school on Friday with many of the alumni that spoke in the sessions. For those who attended, this event simply allowed students to approach different alumni to ask questions and create contacts with successful people in a wide variety of industries. This year’s career week proved to be a large success and we all appreciate the time and effort it took to organize.


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