A university whose star is on the rise


What do Johnny Reid, the premier of PEI and the inventor of the “smart board” all have in common? They all went to the same small, liberal arts university where they likely wore a lot of purple. Bishop’s university is located 2 hours from Montreal, 10 minutes from Sherbrooke, and within an hour of 9 ski hills. It is a collection of brick buildings on a big, green campus that houses 2300 undergraduate students, half of whom come from outside the province. It is known for its business program, performing arts, as well as its general arts and science offerings, with the flexibility to pursue interdisciplinary programmes.

This is not a school where you can remain shy, or be anonymous. The largest lecture hall, which used to be the university chapel complete with stained glass windows, holds only 160 students. We heard from students that unlike most Canadian universities, profs really might just email you if you don’t show up for a class. Having recently completed a renovation of the science facilities, the university is about to begin a $30 million renovation and expansion of their sports complex which will benefit the numerous competitive teams and the wider community. Students are encouraged to do it all: volunteer, keep active in the fitness centre, and paint their faces purple to support the women’s basketball team.

The university’s aim is to create students who are capable of “informed intelligent action” and I think their smallness, their liberal education focus, and their campus spirit all work to support this admirable goal. Experiential education is now built into most of the programs, including having students fill the assistant research positions that only grad students would be offered on other campuses.

Applications and student population are increasing, helped along by their interesting promotional materials. Feel free to speak with Ms Laughlin, Ms Casey, or Ms McCallum if you want to hear more. This might just be a great spot for you!


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