What does the future hold?


An appropriate time to ask that question is on Alumni Weekend, which is upon us today. At some point during the weekend, at a moment when I have to say a few words, I will undoubtedly ask the current students to put themselves in the shoes of the alumni present, and think ahead to the SMUS of twenty or fifty years from now. It is, in fact, impossible to imagine.

One thinks then of what does endure over those decades, and what has endured since the original founders executed their vision. They likely would have said that they couldn’t imagine what the school would possibly look like a hundred years on, but they believed that the vision would be sustained, of a school that pursues academic success in an environment where the character and the self also grow.

I am always impressed by the Alumni of our school, who have fond bonds with their old friends and their memories of the School as it was. At the same time they detect in the School of today the continuation of that vision and central purpose. No one expects any element of the world to be the same now as it was decades ago; the art of change is to preserve the things that don’t change.


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