Grade 7 Voices in the Wilderness


Pictures by Zyoji Jackson

by Sophie, Grade 7

On May 1, the Grade 7 science classes went on a field trip to Goldstream Park. While we were there, we released chum salmon, had lunch and went on a hike while at the same time were in small groups working on a scavenger hunt. We took pictures of the objects and stopped every once in a while to giggle at someone in a hollowed-out tree trunk.

Though most things were about science, others were things such as something funny, interesting, original or beautiful. When we reached our destination, we all set our eyes on the most spectacular waterfall! Unfortunately, once we got there we were told that the bus was waiting and we had to turn back. If there is anything anyone might not forget, it is the way we all walked through a tunnel and yelled to hear our voices whisper back.


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