Grade 2 Class Stages Mini-Musical


The Grade 2 class is presenting a mini-musical called A Race to the Finish on Friday. They have worked with Mrs. Duffus and Mrs. Goodman and it has been a wonderful learning journey for the students.

by Trinity, Grade 2 actor playing “the mouse”

The show is about the turtle and the hare racing. It’s about slow and steady winning the race, about how being fast and that being boastful doesn’t really do anything. I have loved all the singing and dancing in the show.

To get ready we put on face paint, did our hair and got to school early. We’ve had to go through recess and we’ve tried to find out what we’ve done wrong and tried to repair it. We watched a video of our rehearsal and tried to make it even better.

To try to get into character, you need to concentrate. I started acting more like a mouse when I got my ears.

I think this is a great opportunity to do stuff in theatre. I love theatre. By doing this, we have learned to be patient and to not talk a lot backstage. We’ve learned that if you try really hard you can probably achieve your goals.



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