Grade 8 Boarders Farm for a Cause


Photos by Kevin Lin

by Jerry, Grade 8 Boarder

In honour of Earth Day, all the Grade 8 boarders went to Woodwynn Farms on Saturday, April 21. It was a very sunny day and we all got up at 9:00 am to catch the bus at 9:20 am. Some of us didn’t even have breakfast because we had to wake up so early on a Saturday morning!

The farm is about 100 acres in area and there aren’t a lot of people working there. The leader divided us into three groups and we started working. We had around two hours of working time and, to be honest, it was a lot of work. If you think I’m not telling the truth, then you should come and try.

All three groups helped on their little garden and we all worked our hardest. Some of us really had a fun time at the farm — we were singing while carrying the wheelbarrow full of dirt back and forth from the big pile of dirt to the garden.

We stopped at noon and they provided lunch for us. We had to wash our hands and have a silent time just to calm ourselves — kind of like praying. The food there was good. We had ham sandwiches and soup. After lunch, we wrote letters of support for the farm to the town council of Central Saanich.

From this trip, I really learned a lesson. I know that one person helping won’t make a lot of difference, but if we just keep on doing it over and over again, we will see the change. I won’t say this was the best trip we’ve been on but it is worth going!

For more information on Woodwynn Farms, go to their website


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