Reaching Beyond – Leadership Conference at SMUS!


We are excited to be hosting over 300 students from island public schools for what will surely be an engaging, meaningful and motivating day. Along with faculty and houseparents, our grade 11 boarders will have a day to focus on preparing for the very key roles that they play as Grade 12s in the boarding houses. We look forward to supporting their growth and ability to be positive and effective leaders in the houses.

Students will be excused from class on Thursday, April 26 to listen to, engage with, and reflect on the motivational and inspirational talks from Alvin Law ( and Mark Scharenbroich (
Alvin’s presentation “No Such Word As Can’t” challenges the audience to believe that anything is possible with the right attitude. Alvin talks about growing up in the sixties when attitudes towards disabilities were anything but positive. With the support of his parents, teachers and friends, Alvin not only overcame his disability, but participated in sports and music. You will laugh and cry as you hear and see how, by using very talented feet, and more important, a good attitude, Alvin not only learned to accept his difference, but appreciate it. Alvin believes that what you see when you look in a mirror, should be the beauty of individuality, not the ugliness of imperfection. The next logical step becomes seeing others that way as well. Over the last 25 years, Alvin has spoken to over 1.5 million  students  in Canada and around the world.

Mark is easily recognized as one of the top speakers for both students and educators. His style is entertaining.  His message is inspiring. His content is solid. Mark has 29 years of platform experience and has made over 3500 school presentations. His programs have earned the Golden Apple Award, Silver Screen Award, Telly Award and First Place Family Life Award from the National Council on Family Relations. Mark talks about not letting your high school years pass by without getting involved, the importance of Making Memories, Being Respectful, Staying Motivated and Learning to Lead.

Leadership is a significant priority for St. Michaels University School. This is evident in the focused effort to integrate our streams of leadership through the lives of our students to support their development. Students are encouraged to see themselves as leaders and have many opportunities to practice these skills to make a positive impact on those around them.


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