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Just a couple of days ago, we received a letter from Dariusz Dziewanski ’97. Dariusz now lives in London, England.

He writes:

I want to take an opportunity to acknowledge, and express my gratitude for, SMUS’s engagement over the past few years in a number of important issues in international development. Since I had the opportunity to present in Chapel in 2008 about some of my early professional experiences with mine action in Ethiopia, SMUS has taken up the challenge of incorporating this and other issues into school activities. From raising awareness about mine action and soliciting funds for the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, to developing a partnership with the youth centre Centro Conviven in Buenos Aires, to promoting education and literacy at Ma Facia Primary School  in Monrovia, Liberia : the issues underlying each of these initiatives have been presented to the school separately, and each initiative has developed in its own way, through the consideration and enterprise of students, staff and friends.

The initiatives I mentioned have contributed not only to iproving the lives of our fellow citizens around the world, but also to promoting and developing the spirit of personal and global responsibility personified by those affiliated with SMUS. For this, you have my thanks and appreciation, and I am sure, the thanks and appreciation of the international partners you have supported.

With kind regards and thanks.

Dariusz Dziewanski

I regularly tell alumni they can speak proudly and sincerely about the School they once attended. This letter speaks for itself.


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