Compost Education Fertile Ground for Young Minds


by Margaret Lincoln, teacher

The Kindergarten children attended a compost education field trip at Beacon Hill Park on Wednesday. This event was put on by the City of Victoria and the Compost Education Centre. The children were invited to participate in recycling relay races, create and take home a seedling plant and visit the organic waste recycling facility. This experiential learning component complemented our week-long exploration of Earth Week.

Student Thoughts

“We got to plant our own seeds in some soil. I liked sitting on a real tractor because I’ve never got to before. It was comfortable.” – Michael

“I liked seeing the composting area. It smelled! I liked the peacock. I learned worms eat compost and turn it into soil for the flowers.” – Jennifer

“I enjoyed planting seeds because now there are going to be chives growing in my garden!” – Katie E.

“I learned that you put a thermometer in the compost and then a big truck comes along to flip the dirt to keep it the right temperature.” – Patrick

“My favourite part was when we were growing plants. I liked touching the thermometer. It was hot!” – Saba

“I loved the compost race because I won the race! I learned about different soils. Some of them aren’t good for plants. Some of them are just right for plants.” – Sierra


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