Australian Universities


Riding the ferry across Sydney Harbour to Manly beach on a warm July day, it is hard to believe that it is winter.  But this is one thing that North American students get used to quickly in Australia.  Semester 2 starts in mid-winter it does in many parts of the world, but winter is relatively warm in Australia. 

Australia has more to offer than just a warm climate and beautiful beaches:  Some of the most interesting flora and fauna in the world, a warm, friendly people, an active sporting culture, and some very fine universities.  Sydney boasts two of the best:  The University of New South Wales, which has just introduced a major scholarship program for international students, and Australia’s first university, the 150 year-old University of Sydney.  More great universities are found in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne.  Australia’s largest university – Monash – spreads over six campuses just south of Melbourne and also has campuses in four other parts of the world.  The total student population at Monash is around 65,000.  Melbourne is also home to the University of Melbourne, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, LaTrobe University, and Victoria University.  Melbourne is the centre of Australia’s national sport – Aussie Rules Football, one of the most challenging and exciting field games in the world.  Aussie Rules is played on cricket ovals; cricket is another top sport in Australia.

International Students entering Australian universities find themselves in multi-cultural communities as it is not uncommon for 25% or more of the students attending an Australian university to be international students.  Students who can enter their own domestic universities are generally suitable candidates for admission in Australia.  Program structures are closely aligned with the British system.  Many degrees are offered in 3-year format and early entry into Law and Medicine is common.

A wonderful educational and cultural adventure awaits international students who apply to Australian universities.  The financial commitment is significant, but the combination of scholarship and well-paid student work can have a very positive influence on the financial picture.