Scholar in Residence: Gwynne Dyer’s Less Dire View


by Darin Steinkey, writer

In his first visit in five years, journalist, author and military historian Gwynne Dyer spoke about his book Climate Wars this Thursday. Visiting as part of our Scholar in Residence program, Gwynne spoke to Senior School students and faculty about what he believes will happen if humanity doesn’t reach a deal on emission caps and begin to reign in our runaway dependence on fossil fuels. Gwynne, whose most recent book is Crawling from the Wreckage, struck a relatively hopeful note and feels it is possible to make large changes.

In the video below, Gwynne speaks with Grade 12 student Madison Hadfield about what students can do, why politicians aren’t all scoundrels and why nuclear power doesn’t frighten him.

For more information and to buy Gwynne’s books and read more of his writing go to his website.


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