Parents and Students Get a Chance to Act


by Jennifer Fraser, English teacher

Next week, Scholar in Residence Kayte Summers, actor and drama therapist, will conduct two interactive workshops next week: an afternoon session for students and an evening session for all actors and non-actors alike (parents, teachers, students, friends). The workshops will explore the roots of the creative process and connect theatre training with personal creativity.

“Drama therapy is the intentional use of theatrical action techniques as a therapeutic process,” explains Kayte. “The emphasis is on the participants’ experiences; it offers a playful methodology which facilitates creativity, spontaneity, imagination, emotional connection and often transformation.”

Theatre and therapy have been inextricably linked since the beginning of time. In her drama therapy/theatre workshops, Kayte offers a unique blend of the Stanislavski Method acting training combined with a Jungian-based drama therapy.

“The exercises will be interactive and playful with no direction of the actors’ (or others) performances,” says Kayte. “The workshop offers ways to explore the characters, their worlds and their relationships.”

Kayte firmly believes that everybody can act. Acting training simply highlights and intensifies what we already know – about relationships, emotions and interactions – simply from being human. In the student workshop, our young actors will work to find the emotional and relational parts of their psyches which they need to access for the character they are playing. The open evening session will run without a script, relying on stories from participants own lives.

“Everyone can join in,” says Kayte. “If the students wish to continue their exploration of their character in the evening work, they can certainly do so.”

Come and join in this playful opportunity to access and develop our consciousness around acting and performance.

Scholar in Residence: Kayte Summers
Wednesday, April 18, 7:00 pm
Copeland Lecture Theatre


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