Japanese Visitors Share Traditions


by Dawn Wilson, Director of Education Extension

Last Friday, a group of 35 students from Fukushima Seikei High School in Japan visited the school. They spent the morning at the Middle School, had lunch in Brown Hall with the Grade 7 and 8 Japanese language students, then toured the Senior School for an hour. At the Middle School morning assembly, they performed a yosakoi dance to a Yoshida Brothers tune, then sang “Sakura,” a traditional song about cherry blossoms. After the assembly, the Grade 6 Humanities students visited various different cultural booths that the visiting students had set up. For example, they tried traditional green tea and sweets as part of a tea ceremony, wore Japanese yukata, which are similar to the kimono, and played a variety of popular children’s games.

Looking for a chance to experience new cultures? SMUS is hosting an information session on exchanges to India, Australia, Japan, and Quebec on April 19.


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