Students Take Charge of Parent-Teacher Interviews


by Nancy Richards, Director of the Junior School

During the final two weeks of Term Two each year, the Junior School students turn the traditional parent-teacher interview format up-side down by taking an active leadership role in what is called the “student-led conference.”

Student-led conferences put the students at the centre of their learning as they take a more active role in sharing their work and the knowledge they have attained throughout the term with their parents. Not only do they become more reflective, self-confident and self-directed learners through the process but they take more responsibility in assessing their own learning and in sharing their knowledge. In some instances, they learn how to interact and explain their understanding not only to their parents, but to a larger audience of parents.

As one parent commented, “I’m impressed with the enthusiasm my child showed in regard to her learning and the depth of understanding she demonstrated when presenting her project to a larger audience.” Another parent said, “The dynamic of the parent-teacher-student relationship changes with the student-led conference and encourages us all to work as a team to improve and celebrate learning.” And another remarked, “I think the conferences give children more of a sense of accountability and, quite honestly, I’m more likely to attend when my child is the one leading the conference.”


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