Students Celebrate Their Natural Selves


Last week, the Fashion Club hosted All Natural Day to promote awareness about self esteem and natural beauty. Students were asked to come to school completely natural – meaning without using beauty products – and the day went even better than expected. Not only did some students wear less makeup but a lot came completely natural, wearing glasses instead of contacts, without make-up and without hair styling.

“It was really great to see so many people being supportive of this cause!” says organizer Eloise Patmore. Below she explains why she thought we needed an All Natural Day and how we can all try to feel better in our own skin.

by Eloise Patmore, Grade 11
Here at SMUS we are in a very distinguished society where we are told that we’re different, we’re special. Now it’s easy to not believe the people who tell you that, but why? We believe the ones who tell us that we should change our appearance or that we aren’t up to standard. Why is it so hard to accept the compliment that we are unique, we are special, we are different. There are seven billion people on Earth and we are one of a kind, and it is so easy to forget that in everyday life. For example our uniforms, although they represent uniformity, also represent equality and a community of which we are all part of and to which we can contribute. We have a society that accepts us for who we are, even though we don’t accept ourselves.

“Something that we are repeatedly reminded of is how lucky we are: how lucky we are to go to school, have clothes, have basic human rights.”

There is talk about self-esteem being “a girl thing.” Women may generally have lower self-esteem in regards to appearance, but unfortunately lots of people – both male and female – get down on themselves whenever they make a mistake or an error of judgement. Look at it more as character building; the way we deal with problems is just a small part of who we are. These events do not define a person and it is important to remember that, especially about ourselves. Stop worrying about being bad at something, and leave someone else to be good at it, just feel accomplished that you tried your best. We have to remember that everybody has their insecurities, some more than others, and we can’t let them get the best of us.

If I told you to think about two things you dislike about yourself and two things that you like about yourself, you would find that it would be easier to name your two dislikes. We are all so focused on the negative aspects that we don’t become aware of the positive. Something that we are repeatedly reminded of is how lucky we are: how lucky we are to go to school, have clothes, have basic human rights. We are surrounded by a positive environment that encourages our growth and development, yet we find it so hard to be grateful for all our opportunities. We have created a space where it is easy to be judgmental and negative about ourselves and others because we don’t realize how much worse things could be. We point out bad things in others to deflect attention from ourselves, so maybe it is time to stop. Have pride in yourself. And in the words of Oscar Wilde, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”


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