Black History Chapel Features Personal Stories

The Black community hosted a special chapel to celebrate Black History Month. With personal stories from Africa, Canada and the United States, to step-dancing and an excerpt of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, Middle School students were given a sense of what celebrating Black culture means from the Senior School presenters.

Watch the video for highlights from this special chapel.

Video by Darin Steinkey


  1. As a former student. I believe the Rasta Livity expressed by the Black Community empowers the multicultural atmosphere of deeper intellectual roots, that have yet, to be discovered. Unless the meditation is done, the forgiveness and the compassion of self-realization. Look at how generous the Africans have been to the world in helping to overcome the greed of mass-globalization. For a school that once taught about over population, encouraging the voices of the minority communities within SMUS offers a Pride and Respect and gives a great sense of community well-being and cultural security beyond tuition and donations. Life at SMUS has changed since 1998. Integrating the sacred ways of spirituality to address the tribal consciousness, however, Africa is often caught in the undertow.
    As a dedicated Rastafarian in 1999, a crystal healer and a BFA at UVIC. I am learning to give back by communicating the fears and acting out the dramas, much like the Jamaicans. “No More Drama In My Life” -Mary J. Blige (my sistah)
    These students are special that they showed their vulnerabilities, not to be exotic, but accepted as
    Ones who hold the light, stay forever: there are no wyse ones. Only JAH and SHIVA

  2. This was one of the very best Chapel sessions the Middle School has ever hosted. To each and every one of the Senior School students who contributed, to Mr. Cordle, Mrs. Skinner and Mr. Farish a big thank you for an astounding and powerful thirty minutes, No guts, no glory. You proved that your contribution had both. Thanks.


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