100th Day of School Cause for Celebration


by Kathleen Cook

We had an amazing week with the celebration of 100th Day last Wednesday. The students have been bringing in soup cans for our “All Souped Up for 100th Day” and the primary teachers have co-ordinated this wonderful initiative. The mathematical activities that are a part of this project are certainly far reaching and the students have been actively counting, graphing and representing the number of cans in a variety of ways, appropriate to their grade level.

Last week, a representative from the Mustard Seed came to speak with the students in assembly and then at noon the truck arrived to take away the cans. Enthusiastic children carried all of the cans to the truck and there were 1,970 cans in all – our largest number ever.

Student Thoughts
“We celebrate all the things that we can do now after 100 days of school.” -Lauren

“After 100 days of school now I can read better.” -Makena

“I couldn’t write very well, but now I can.” -Jonah

“We collected soup cans for the Mustard Seed. We tried to collect 100 but our class got 238!” -Tyson


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