Which path will YOU choose?


In our roles as University Counsellors, Grade Advisors, and Planning/HCE teachers, particularly at this time of year, we have many conversations with students and parents on the topic of course selection. We hosted a parent information evening last week on this very topic with the aim of providing parents with pearls of wisdom they can use when talking with their sons and daughters about the course choices that are available in the upcoming academic year.

Each student’s profile for making selections is unique: learning preferences, strengths, interests, graduation requirements, extra-curricular activities, and post-secondary plans all need to be taken into account.  In the Course Selection Info Night Feb 21 2012 document and Course Information FAQ sheet, you will learn about both the details and the big picture to keep in mind when making decisions. It also gives you suggestions of who to turn to on campus for advice.

If you are looking specifically at applying to colleges in US, this blog posting by Peter Van Buskirk may be of interest.

Please contact any one of the Grade Advisors or University Counsellors to seek advice!


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