Career Education – Cannexus 2012


Phil Jarvis thinks that a “Perfect Storm” is coming in the career and jobs market in Canada and the world. Jarvis, one of the creators of Career Cruising and Choices career software, and an associate of the National Life/Work Centre, identifies four mega-trends that are converging in the 21st Century. He says that the world-wide recession, ageing, the ‘upskilling’ of jobs, and a work force that is unprepared for future work are all leading to a severe challenge regarding employment and future prosperity.

I attended the Phil Jarvis session and several other workshops and seminars at Cannexus 2012 in Ottawa, January 23-26. The annual Cannexus conference is sponsored by CERIC, the Candian Education and Research Institute for Counselling.

Isidore LeBlond, of the CCTT (Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists listed what the CCTT feels might be the top 10 future jobs in the year 2020. The list includes such notables as renewable energy specialists, biomedical specialists, weather enforcers (e.g. those who enforce future laws relating to the seeding of clouds to produce rain), food technologists and mechatronic specialists.

SMUS cannot control the world recession or reduce the ageing process but we can continue to introduce our students to future careers and the world of work. In our grade 10 Planning classes, students work through a system of online assessments that expose them to career paths that may be appropriate to them. Every May, when Alumni Weekend comes around, students are given the opportunity to hear from a wide variety of speakers who come from our alumni group and also from the Greater Victoria community. This year’s alumni weekend career event, taking place in the week of April 30-May 4, 2012, is already in the planning. It promises to be highly educational.


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