The Path to Concert Performance

by Darin Steinkey

Throughout the concert season, the Large Ensembles is always a stand-out event. Because of the sheer numbers of students involved, the length and the difficulty of the pieces, this one concert involves a lot of preparation. Earlier, we covered the final product of the hard work behind the concert, and this week we are giving you a peek behind the scenes. Above, Head of Music Donna Williams, talks about the philosophy behind practice and a surprise piece the orchestra played at the concert.

For photos from the concert, visit the SMUS photo gallery.

To hear more of how all the practices paid off, you can also listen to an audio clip of the Harry Potter Symphonic Suite, performed by the SMUS Senior Orchestra.

Listen: Harry Potter Suite (clip)

Are you inspired by the music you’ve just heard? Are you SMUS faculty, staff or alumni? The SMUS Music department cordially invite you to come sing The Armed Man with the Senior School choir on May 3, 2012. Rehearsals are in the Choir room in Schaffter Hall on Tuesday mornings at 7:15am and Thursday evenings at 6pm. No choir experience is necessary. For more information, please contact

What is The Armed Man? Take a look:


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