Stories from the Annual Fund: Cathy and Charley


by Erin Anderson, editor

Visitors to SMUS often comment on how beautiful our campus is. Part of that beauty can be credited to Cathy Beglau, our resident gardener and a supporter of the Annual Fund.

“Nature has always been something I’ve loved,” says Cathy.

Cathy began working at SMUS in 2000, just after completing her horticulture studies at Camosun College. Since 2007, she has been joined on campus by her faithful dog Charley, who is popular with staff and students alike.

“He likes coming to work, getting treats from people and being outside all day,” says Cathy. “He’s a great companion.”

Charley is also part of why Cathy is actively involved in charity work. After adopting him as a puppy from the Greater Victoria Animal Crusaders, Cathy has gone on to spend a lot of time volunteering with the SPCA’s Wild ARC, which takes care of wild animals.

Much like that way she’s become generous with her spare time, Cathy has also recently extended her generousity to the Annual Fund. Part of why she chose to donate to the school was how much she enjoys working here.

“It’s great that I work somewhere that welcomes animals,” she says. “I enjoy the atmosphere of the school, the variety of trees and spending my day in this green space.”

Cathy says she feels lucky to work here and relates to a lot of the students, especially those on scholarship, who feel lucky to attend the school. She says, “I like the idea of helping kids who couldn’t afford to come here otherwise.”

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  1. What a lovely story! I love all that Cathy and her team (including Charley) do to make our campus so beautiful!

    Well done, Cathy!!


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