UVic and SMUS Students Swap Stories


by Heather Sandquist, Grade 4H teacher
Our recent field trip to UVic was the culminating piece of our study of elements of design found in selected literature. The 4H students participated in a reading class led by Dr. Sylvia Pantaleo. The students engaged in small group discussions throughout the hour and a half class. They shared their favorite graphic novels with each other and talked about why they liked them. The Grade 4 students were able to also showcase the graphic narratives that they created. They shared the elements of design that they focused on when creating their own and spoke about the significance of these elements in their story. Towards the end of the class the small groups looked at a book together noting the structure and making connections between the characters and the story lines.

This field trip bridged the gap between young children and soon to be elementary teachers. The students at UVic were amazed at the depth of knowledge of the younger students. They spoke with great confidence and clearly demonstrated their understanding of the elements of design in the literature chosen. I was incredibly proud of my students and congratulate them on their successes in this unit. Thank you 4H!

by Makayla, Grade 4

When we got to school that day we were assigned buddies (I was with Amelia). Anyway, we took the bus to the UVic campus and we were a bit early, so we went to this place where there were a bunch of beautiful pieces of art work.

We were assigned table numbers and there at the tables were a bunch of UVic students! When me and Amelia got to our table, the UVic students were Amber, Andrew and Marci. We started to talk about are favourite books and graphic novels we brought; mine was Smile, Amelia’s was Bake Sale and Andrew’s was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! After all the questions we talked about our favourite part of Amulet. I really liked the end of book four, and a lot of the others liked how he draws the characters. Then we showed the UVic students our graphic narratives. They laughed at all the funny parts and were really impressed!

We showed them lots of different elements we added into our stories and I think we blew their minds! The last activity was where we read a book called Shortcut. In this story we had to find out how each part of the story connected to the other. Even though it was hard, it was fun to see how one action can affect everything else. Then we said goodbye to most of the UVic students who had to run, but some stayed and had lunch with us. And then, we got CUPCAKES as a reward for our hard work! After we ate our cupcakes we played an awesome game of tag. When we got the countdown we rushed over to our bags and zoomed all the way to the bus so we could get the bouncy seats in the back. We had the best time of our lives! And that’s the adventure of 4H’s trip to UVic!


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