Super Sunday in Boarding


Photos by Ian Robertson and Craig Farish

Reflections on Boarding Super Sunday

by Mehrab Khazei, Grade 8 Boarder

This weekend was one of the best weekends that we ever had… well, every weekend is really good but this one was really fun! Let’s start with House Games. As you know, Bolton is the best so we all won our games (except the game that I played… well, we only lost by two points so it isn’t a really big deal because we still won the day).

After all that fun we had a community dinner. It’s a dinner where all the houses go to Brown Hall, the campus dining hall, and have a really nice dinner together. Seniors and juniors usually go at different times. For this dinner we had pizza, pasta and for dessert we had strawberries, chocolate and cookies. It was the best dinner ever!

After all of that we had chapel. It is kind of like church but it’s for every religion. It is a really good place to relax and try to think about how you could fill up all those gaps that you have in your life. They give you a lot of advice, so it’s technically a place to think about life and relax.

by Wyatt Lutes, Grade 11 Boarder

House games are great because you get to play a sport together with your friends from your house. It could be a sport that you have played before, which gives you a great opportunity to get some healthy competition and win some bragging rights for your dorm, or play a sport that you have never tried before. This exposes you to sports that you may not have been inclined to try.

Dining at Brown Hall, you have a tendency to eat with just your group of friends. On the odd occasion you might sit down with a friend of a friend, but aside from that you don’t get much exposure to different people in boarding. Community dinners are great for this because the organizing staff put in a lot of effort to mix up how your seating is arranged. Often you end up eating with completely different people that you would never have sat down with before. This may only end up being for one night, but sometimes you learn something about another person you would never have expected and you might just find yourself with a new friend.

Boarding life can get hectic, especially with activities on the weekends. Most of the time, a little relaxation, some reflection, and some wise words can work wonders. Boarders chapel is wonderful for these situations. With the soothing music, the calm environment of the chapel (without the religious forbearance), I leave level-headed and in an altogether better state than I entered. This is another opportunity to make self discoveries, discover other boarders’ talents, and truly grow together as a community.


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