Students and Parents Pick Up Literature Tips


by Melanie Edwards, parent
I was greeted with a warm welcome on Monday evening as I entered the Middle School library to attend Jocelyn Dimm’s talk. Jocelyn got straight down to business. We were handed a sheet with a list of award-winning books suitable for Grade 8 students, spanning six different genres. Jocelyn, who was both knowledgeable and engaging, went on to describe each book in a way that really made you want to read the book yourself. She was very informative and passionate about each story. The novels of today are a far cry from Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books that I read in Grade 8, where the big adventure was to row a boat over to an island and stumble upon buried treasure!

“The presentation was good and she was actually very funny. She managed to get me interested in quite a few books.”

I knew that Jocelyn had spoken to the Grade 8 classes last week, so at the end of the talk I headed home with my list, to chat with my Grade 8 child. We went through the list together discussing which books we each though would be worth a read. My child ticked off six books from the list that he for sure would like to read. That’s six books more than he would have pulled off the shelf to read! I’m now also more aware of my child’s reading interests. I know that had I have not attended the talk, my child would not have requested I get him any of those books to read! So thank you Jocelyn for coming to speak with the students and also the parents, it was a huge success for my family.

Jocelyn’s Book Recommendations

by John Cook, Grade 8
Last Thursday, Jocelyn Dimm, a professor in Youth and Adolescent Literature came to speak to all the Grade 8 students. In her hour long presentation she talked about a number of books of different genres including the paranormal, realism, steam punk and graphic novels. She gave us a brief description of each book and a few facts, just enough information to make us want to read more. The presentation was good and she was actually very funny. She managed to get me interested in quite a few books. The one book that I am going to start reading is Graceling, which is set in feudal times. In this book certain people are born with a grace that can sometimes really benefit their society. The protagonist in this book thinks her grace is the ability to kill without guilt but it turns out that this is not her grace and to find out what her actual grace is I will have to read the book. All and all it was a great book talk.


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