Pint-Sized Pioneers Dig History


Our Grade 3 class visited Helmcken House to experience life in colonial times. They also spent time in their classroom playing games and practicing writing with a bottle of ink.

Student Thoughts

“The guides were very nice, they talked about the tools that they had, how the house was built and a lot more. We all dressed up as pioneers so we could get in the spirit of it. It really felt like we were pioneers! We even got to play the piano! There was also a school house and we got to look inside it.” – Nadia

“When I went to the museum I loved it. The people put everybody in groups and then they showed what a pioneer house would look like. Then they showed a living room and a kitchen and showed some other rooms and it was very different than our time that’s now. To clean the clothes they had to put them into a big pot looking thing and then the boys had to carry the water from the well then you would put the water in the pot and then you would wash it. Then you would hang them up so they would dry. In the living room there was a piano that was from back then and there was a school house and there were some desks and we sat on them and acted that we are pioneers. Oh, and we got to wear pioneer clothes when we were there.” – Kristina

“What I liked about the pioneer field trip was that we looked at all the pioneer items and we looked at the doctor equipment. We got to visit a pioneer school and pretend we were students.” – Claudia

“Last week I went to Pioneer Village. In the school house, the teachers would always check their students’ hands and if they were dirty, off to the sink! Smart! There were two places we went to see. We went to Dr. Helmcken’s house (there were three sections, newest to oldest) and the school house. In the living room of Dr. Helmcken’s House, children usually played a game where you had to spot a button, if so you have to sit down. Once everybody is seated, they played a game where you had to say, “In the picnic basket, I will bring…” and then say a word starting with the first letter of your name. I feel lucky to have gone on this trip – it was awesome.” – Claire

“What I liked about our field trip to Helmcken House was that everything there was old and very interesting. I especially liked the St. Ann’s Schoolhouse because I liked the way the desks opened. I think the piano was very interesting because of all the fancy wood carvings. You can also tell that the house was very old because the house had a parlour.” – Logan


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